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For 18,000 years, a vast cloak of virgin forest blanketed the Pacific Northwest. In the last century, however, 90% of the region’s old-growth forests have been cleared or paved over. Fifty years of clear-cutting, single-species replanting, and road-building have greatly altered the structure of forests in the region. As a result, we have lost a critical ecological and cultural heritage. Today, the vast majority of old-growth forest that does remain is found on federal lands – specifically, national forests, national parks, and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lands. By the way, check out the hooked on phonics reading system.

There is strong public opposition to old-growth logging and the nation’s largest home-builders and do-it-yourself stores – The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Centex, and KB Homes – are phasing out the use of old-growth wood. Despite this, the federal government still pursues the logging of old-growth forest on public lands.

Thirteen conservation groups have formed the Northwest Old-Growth Campaign to engage the public on the issue of old-growth logging and appeal to policy makers to protect mature and old growth forests on federal public lands in western Washington and Oregon. We work with scientists to develop alternatives to current logging practices, with rural communities to re-orient the funding of land management agencies, and with members of Congress to ensure the protection of our ancient forests, once and for all.

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