Why Choose High Security Locks Such as Abloy Locks

How secure is your lock? Do you use Abloy locks? I’m sure the questions popped into your mind, that when you leave your house or your place of work is it really secure? I get it come back to find burglarized? Time and time again I see people who have discovered to their shock that the establishment really is not secure. That lock only keeps the honest people out. A real thief will find a way in regardless of what you do.

When it comes to keeping your establishment secure when you’re not there is something called key control it is often easy to implement and quite overlooked. One question that I like to ask anybody who has a building the needs to be secure, is how my keys if you issued for the front door? If you’re not entirely sure then why you worry about the door being locked in the first place? Another great question is can anybody who has a key get the key duplicated so they can have a secret copy of it? If they can, then you have no control of who has a key, or how secure your premises are. How you keep your establishment secure when you fire a person that leaves upset? How do you know that the persons never to come back and do something to your establishment days, weeks or even months after you fire them? How would you know if they have a key to your premises or not?

If the thief doesn’t have a key, well that’s not a problem either. It is all too easy today to pick a standard lock. All you have to do is Google how to pick lock and you’ll have instructions within seconds. Not only that ordering tools to pick a lock through the web is extremely easy and they all come with extensive instructions on how to do it.

If you’re looking for a way to pick lock that you shouldn’t there’s a new method going around called bumping. Once again funding instructions and the tools such as bumping keys and hammers are also available through the World Wide Web. For example to open a lock, all you have to do is insert a special type of bumping key into the lock, use the bumping hammer and then you’ll find that without bit of practice you’ll be able to open the lock without a key. It’s quite unfortunate but most regular locks can easily be bumped.

Want to break open a padlock? Once again, all you have to do is sent the search engines on the web and learn how to shimmy a padlock. It’s important to know that your padlock is shimmy proof if you wish your stuff that is secure to stay secure.

You may be saying we have card access or a digital card access control system to keep things secure. However, they all have to have a key override, which is something that is often overlooked.

I’m sure you’re asking by now, is anything really safe and secure anymore? Well it can be. You need to be aware of the dangers of lock picking, bumping and shimmying. A lot of manufacturers are incorporating anti bump and anti shimmying solutions into their products. Just as it’s information that makes you insecure, information will also help you to be secure. Be sure to do your homework.

Do some research on high-security locks. Be forewarned that you will pay more for high-security locks but you’ll find that the security that it buys is worth it. However if you consider the value of what you are trying to protect, then that extra investment is worthwhile. I can tell you from personal experience that the extra money that you pay for Heisey gray locks is a very small price to pay not only for physical security but a secure state of mind that you know that you will not suffer any downtime because of a break-in.

High security locks have pick proof and bump proof mechanisms to safeguard them from such violations. Electric locks and biometric locks are much more secure as well. Another solution is to use disks instead of tumblers and springs, such as Abloy; which is extremely robust and unpickable. You will find that many of the high security lock systems will also require you to incorporate a key control solution to further enhance the security of their locking systems When you incorporate a key control solution, it is impossible to go to your local key cutting shop and get a duplicate of the key cut. It requires that crass person to be licensed, have authorization from the key manufacturer as well as the company who is having the key reproduced. Important thing about this is that whenever key is created and you must authorize the creation of the key, you know about it. Extra keys or master keys are secured in a locked key box that often provides an audit trail so that you have a log of when those keys have been used and by whom. Large government institutions and law enforcement agencies have been using this kind of security for years. We are seeing more of this kind of solution in office towers, education institutions, and hospitals now.

Unfortunately people don’t realize how unsecure their premise is until they are broken into. I can die from personal experience of the mental as well as physical cost of a break-in is extremely high. It places a terrible toll on your emotions and the whole of replacing what is been stolen or lost or destroyed can be extremely high. Often, if its information that has been stolen or compromised the costs can be immeasurable.

You need to be sure that you ask the hard questions and ensure that you’re not buying in any adequate locking system. Why trust that contractor who installed the doors? Many times when they are doing an upgrade you’ll discover that they will install the cheapest locks that they can find or the door hardware is from the cheapest bidder on the job. It is a small investment to replace the installed locks with a high security lock. If there’s any investment that will yield a high rate of return, this is it.