Weighing Your Options in Kitchen Flooring

Renewable bamboo floors come in different patterns and plank sizes to complement a variety of kitchen styles. Our inventory of laminate flooring covers every aspect of your needs. Ease of maintenance is another big issue in purchasing your flooring. The study shows that 12 percent of entry-level homes and 40 percent of move-up and luxury homes use hardwood in the kitchen. Vinyl flooring manufacturers are optimistic about the future, particularly given the aging population. Consumer Reports says bamboo is a poor choice for kitchen counters – it stains very easily – but is a tough and durable material for floors.

Our news partners at Consumer Reports are out with their yearly ratings of flooring materials. You can easily see if your flooring is being done properly; if the material “piles” instead of “pours” then it does not have enough resin. Everlast Epoxy Flooring has a textured finish, it is made with small natural marble stones and it goes great in any modern kitchen with modern, stainless steel appliances (you know you’re ready to get new ones so you can stop calling the Boston appliance repair company all the time, right?)

I’ve been seeing a lot of showroom images where wood is used for the bathroom/kitchen flooring. Kitchen floors take a beating, from hours of standing, foot traffic and spills, so when weighing your options, consider durability and ease of maintenance as well as style and cost. Ceramic tile is the most durable flooring available, and it offers outstanding resistance to water, stains and dirt.

When planning a new kitchen, the choice of cabinets, countertops, flooring and wall colors are key decisions. Manufacturer’s have raised vinyl flooring to a whole new level when it comes to luxury vinyl product offerings. Next to ceramic tile, vinyl flooring installation demands properly prepared subflooring.

Cork texture will greatly impact the look of your cork flooring. Resilient flooring is an amazing material if you’re looking for something that is both a great value and long lasting. Elite Kitchen & Bath is owned and operated by Derrick & Suzie St. Clair. Don’t forget, accenting with glass tile for a backsplash in your kitchen can add a stunning visual attraction and design element to go with your new or older kitchen appliances. Limestone, tumbled marble, and slate tiles are among the most elegant flooring choices available. Strip flooring features narrow boards (under three inches wide).

Wood flooring lends unmatched warmth and character to a room. For the installation, repair, or replacement of your kitchen flooring, trust the licensed and bonded contractors from Home Repair Handyman. While any eager 8-year-old assistant could help you lay a linoleum tile kitchen floor (just spread out latex adhesive, place tiles on it, then set with a roller), laying sheet linoleum is another story.

Hardwood—still less common than ceramic tile—accounted for one-third of kitchen floors installed in new homes in 2012, according to the most recent Builder Practices Survey by Home Innovation Research Labs. There were a few return trips to fix a few minor things but overall, we are very satisfied with all the work AAA Kitchens and Flooring did in our first new home together. In addition to enhanced design, resilient flooring manufacturers are improving the quality of their much-maligned product.

PROTECT-ALL is the leading recycled commercial vinyl flooring product manufactured in the United States from 100% pre-consumer content. Looking at the rest of the house, I already knew that we wanted the grain lines to go the same direction as the lines in the wood flooring. A. High Temperatures Most epoxy flooring is applied by first painting the concrete, then broadcasting quartz sand into the resin.

Everlast’s Epoxy Flooring is poured and troweled as one layer so there are no areas for soil to hide. Most all epoxy flooring is seamless, but are applied in multiple layers, adding a sand-like grit with each coat. Renewable, sustainable and versatile, cork is quickly becoming the flooring of choice by homeowners going green.

Flooring may not be top of mind when you think of the kitchen, but floors play a crucial part in tying the look of the room together. If you have a half-bath, install hardwood flooring here first, testing out its durability over a period of time before installing in the full-bath. Acclimate the floorboards until the average moisture content (MC) reading between the flooring and subfloor are within 2% of each other.

We’re often asked if wood flooring is durable enough for high-volume areas, such as the family room, kitchen, and bathroom. With the exception of carpet, most flooring materials can withstand an occasional splash of water if you wipe it up quickly. We are located at 750 North Center Avenue in Somerset, PA. We display a wide variety of kitchen cabinets, countertops, flooring, plumbing fixtures, cabinet hardware and much more.