Treatment Options For Straightening Teeth

Not only are crooked teeth a cosmetic issue, but they are also dangerous to your overall health. It’s said that crooked teeth are prone to dental caries and much more difficult to clean than are straight teeth. Moreover, crooked teeth may also affect speech and chewing. Thankfully, there are a variety of treatment options available to straighten the teeth that will improve the dental health as well as improve the smile. There are three main focuses on teeth straightening.

Under-bite, overbite and malocclusion’s

Gaps between the teeth

Crowded teeth

Some of the options that may be considered:

Braces (Traditional)

This is perhaps the most common and least expensive way to straighten the teeth. Traditional braces are either fixed or able to be removed. If they are removable, they are made of plastic with springs and wire clips that will allow them to be removed. They are frequently used for mild malocclusion’s and for crowding. Using small brackets that join together, they are glued to the teeth that require attention.


Braces made of metal are the most common, however, there are also plastic and ceramic braces that are sometimes used to keep them from being so obvious. In most cases, elastic rubber like bands are used to keep them in the right position. Headgear may also be attached to the brace at night to help move the teeth back into the proper position. Orthodontists also use mini screws in order to anchor teeth more easily.

Lingual Braces

These are perfect for those who wish to use invisible teeth straightening. These are generally placed behind the teeth in lieu of the front of the teeth. They are not the right choice for someone who has excessive malocclusion’s. They are much more expensive than their metal counterparts and must be custom made individually. Treatment in this form will take longer than using metal, plastic or ceramic braces. They are also harder to clean and may promote plaque buildup.

Clear Aligners

Removable plastic molds are used to move the misaligned teeth back into their proper position. They come in a set and each set is worn for two weeks at a time and then replaced with the next set. They take longer to work and must be worn continuously in order for them to work. The only time they are removed is to brush, floss, or eat. Expensive, they’re an option for adults preferring to avoid metal braces.

Short Term

Short term braces are used for mild and moderate malocclusion’s and for crowding. There are a variety of forms and some may have colored wire braces or lingual braces. The difference is how long it takes to work on the patient. It may be as little as six month’s or a few more.


After braces are removed, retainers are generally prescribed for a specified amount of time to make sure that the teeth remain where they should. They are generally fixed or removable and must be worn until the dentist decides that the treatment is permanent.

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