Roomba VS Neato

What are the two most popular robotic vacuum cleaner brands in the whole entire world? This is a question that I get asked a lot as a robot vacuum cleaner expert, and it is a really easy one to answer! Neato VS Roomba is the battle that is currently going on between these brands. The two most popular and highest rated and best selling robot vacuum brands that are currently facing off against each other are brands made by two very highly renowned companies that are both focused on keeping their customers happy and making the most advanced and high tech robot vacuum cleaners in the world so that they are the best and so people love them and want to buy them and so people do not have to vacuum all of the time with their regular up right vacuums which is a lot of work because these vacuums are so awkward and un comfortable to use because they are very heavy and very big so they are really hard to move around your house and to get every thing together and to make a big difference in your flooring and the cleanliness of it because they really loose their suction power after a while of using them for a long time because all of the hair and dirt and dust really wears down the internal workings of the machinery inside of the robot vacuum cleaner and it makes it really hard to suck up any more dust and dirt and hair because it is so clogged and bad inside that it just cannot pick up the amount of dirt that it had used to. This is why robotic vacuums like the Neato and the Roomba that are able to do things that are totally un heard of when it comes to regular vacuum cleaners! The technology in both of these robot vacuum cleaners are very similar but they are very good and very easy to use because they both come with easy to use and program interfaces that are easy to program because they both come with three different cleaning options that are all good for three different things. One cleaning option is the scheduled cleaning option which is really cool because you can schedule a date and a time that you want the robot vacuum to clean and it will automatically start and then it will start to clean the whole room with out you actually having to do any thing because it is all automatic and robotic and you do not have to worry about it at all.