AronRa – Science Doesn’t Know Everything

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But there is no practical way to know everything nor is it even remotely possible to know that you know everything. Thus, it is better to make sure that what you do know is worth knowing.


AronRa claims that sicence does not know everything and religion does not know anything.

AronRa has just finished saying that science does not know everything. How does he know that? Most likely because he looked into some science books and realized that he barely knows anything about them. He is not a physicist or a biologist. So he realizes that there are disciplines out there that are beyond his ability to master.

He did not reach that conclusion because of what he knows but what he realized what he does not know.

So how does AronRa know that religion knows nothing? Is this something he researched exhaustively? In order for him to know that religion does not know anything, he would have to know everything about religion. What, exactly, is that?

Of course, the terms are really not precise. Science does not “know” anything. It is scientists who know facts about their disciplines. It is the same with Theists. They are the ones who know religion.

So AronRa should have said, “Scientists do not know everything, Theists do not know anything.”

But that continues to beg the question. Is this a scientific study he did on Theists? What does he know about theists that indicates to him that they know nothing? He would have to know everything about theists to know that they know nothing.

You would think that someone would have a little more intelligence than this, for someone who says he is an autodidact.

But since science knows a lot more than religion because by his definition, religion knows nothing, what scientific study has determined that baby torture is wrong?

What scientist has brought forth the proof that torturing babies is evil? Surely science must know. It is obvious, is it not?

There are a lot of babies being tortured right now because there is no scientific law against it. What are scientists waiting for? Don’t scientists know that baby torture is horrible?

Or maybe science does not know that baby torture is wrong?