The Secret To Every Lander You Create

Every landing page you write should begin with a large font title that catches the attention of your reader. This is your hook. If you fail to write an interesting headline, your reader will slip away. Make an outrageous title such as “sperm pills herbal“
Advertise your unique selling proposition: this is what makes your article, product, or service unique from all the others. The next part is key.
Use short copy. Most landing pages utilize long copy. Long copy’s necessary when you are receiving a payment from a customer, as you need to use longer copy to let your customer know all the benefits they will receive to justify the purchase. When you content lock the product, you won’t need to use such a long landing page because the process of filling out a survey to reach the content is easy. Write 1-2 paragraphs detailing why your customer should read your content. You’ll have to test, test, and test what works. It’s best to appeal to your reader’s emotions if you want to sell. Picture to them the results they’ll receive if they read and implement your content. Use a WordPress post as your landing page.
Finally, use a call to action such as a button (hyperlink the image of a button to the content locked page), or a huge “click me” image (that also hyperlinks to the content locked page).
Here’s a landing page template:
*HEADLINE about poker tips* – (Follow These Poker Tips And You’ll Crush
The Pros at Las Vegas in Weeks)
*5 sentence paragraph about history of poker*
*5 sentence paragraph about how much power these poker tips have*
*CALL TO ACTION to the page where the reader can get the ultimate poker tips* (when user clicks on this, it leads to the content locked page.)
First, take the article we talked about during the “Content” writing process. Create a new post in wordpress and paste that article. In the post editing section, click on “Edit HTML.” Head on over to Adscendmedia or your favorite content-locking network, grab the HTML code for the content locker, and paste it into the HTML section. Submit post. What you’ll have is a page with your article on it blocked by the content gateway, and the reader must fill out the survey to access it, thus making you money!
Traffic is the third and final key to the puzzle. Once we have our content- locked page hosting the content and the landing page, the last thing we need to do is to send traffic to the landing page, which will then direct users to our content-locked page.
Here are several actions you may implement to bring traffic to your landing page. The more traffic you get, the more money you will receive. Keep that in mind. Simple. You can either implement all these traffic strategies, or stick to one and twist it in many different creative ways according to Long Trail Festival.
Like baking a cake using a recipe, you have before you a recipe for making money. Without a proper recipe, you will end up with improper results. I’ve kept this guide short and simple for a good reason – to keep you focused. Convoluted 100-page guides are as confusing as complex baking recipes: nobody likes them and they only frustrate more than they help. Take action and you will succeed. It’s simple.

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