The Best Way to Clean Decking for Summer

Are you the proud owner of a beautiful wooden deck? Decks are great places to hang out during the warm summer months. Whether you like to lay in a hammock with a book or host a barbecue, the deck is the place to do it!


However, decks have a way of getting cluttered up. Between the foul weather in the winter and the general wear and tear, as well as being a depository for all of your outdoor furniture, your deck will definitely need some cleaning before you can enjoy it this summer. Read on to learn about deck cleaning.

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Start by Removing the Clutter

Before we start getting stuck into the cleaning process we need to ‘clear the decks, which is an old seafaring expression. It always helps to have a completely clear space to work in. Remove all of the furniture and other items from your deck – yes, even the grill – and put them elsewhere so you can work in a clear space. If your decking is anything like mine then, by the end of the winter, it will be littered with children’s toys, bicycles, broken garden furniture and left-overs from last years barbecues. Time to get rid of it all.

Sweep and Scrape

Once everything extra is cleared away, sweep off any branches, debris and loose dust from the surface. Then, get down on your hands and knees and scrape in between the slats (use a scraper to do this). This type of debris has a way to collecting moisture and getting your deck to rot.

Wash Carefully

The next step is to wash. You can spray down the deck with the hose, or use oxygen bleach mixed with water. Oxygen bleach is better than chlorine bleach because it won’t harm any plants that may be growing nearby. Follow instructions on the package to get the ration of water to bleach right, and then scrub every inch of the deck. Leave on for fifteen seconds, then rinse with the hose. You may also wish to use a pressure washer to apply water more aggressively. Repeat as needed to get rid of the worst stains, if necessary.

You may have noticed some dark patches here and there, often in the damp corners. This is a mold which grows on wood and it is best treated with a professional, chemical treatment compound.

Other Things to Think About

Before attempting any cleaning or home improvement project, make sure you have the proper equipment necessary and have taken the proper safety precautions. Bleach is a chemical that can be harmful to both humans and pets. Make sure that all small children and pets are kept away from your deck cleaning project (maybe attempt this when your kids are at school and Fido is at doggie daycare). You should also be careful about handling any aggressive cleaning agents or chemicals.

When this all complete your decking should be looking spick and span, ready for your next summer barbecue or garden party. So put the furniture back, add some charcoal to the grill and enjoy your deck!

Protecting Yourself At A Free Online Dating Site

Several people are just starting to make the most of free internet dating websites to be able to increase opportunities to understand different people and to generally share exciting activities in addition to discussion about like pursuits where they could acquire introductions to others singles. Nevertheless, most are also fast to generally meet other singles personally and reckless about self-protection when creating connection with others online. Here are a few excellent methods to conquer this issue. Continue reading to discover.
Do not article sensitive information The obvious safety measure you are able to try protect yourself in a free internet dating site would be to prevent publishing sensitive or vital information about your financial matters, your address, or possibly your phone number. Such data may be used maliciously, criminally or simply like a pain issue. For instance, no body loves to get unwanted spam-mail that fills up the mailbox.
Undoubtedly, you’d not need to publish your phone number in a dating site. Neither can you publish your charge card number, banking account info or actual target. Sensitive information can be easily provided by all of these things too to people who make identity theft.
Examine the security level in the site The free internet dating site must have top level security steps in position to avoid coughing and stop worms and viruses.
Spyware is another risk for all those frequenting internet dating sites. Ensure that your personal spyware blockers and virus are utilized occasionally and effective. Search for a sign that the no fuss web site is safe. The website also needs to show that personal data isn’t leased or sold to other businesses and that it’s methods in position to supply privacy for all those singles who choose as people to register and take advantage of the amenities of the relationship site.
Do not enter a rush to generally meet it might be wise to allow some time pass as you become familiar with your partner in addition to possible far away, As the apparent reason for a free of charge internet dating site would be to day people. Due to the privacy provided in a chat-room, many individuals feel comfortable discussing observations about themselves in ways they wouldn’t do till after many in person times. This can result in a better move into a first-date, or it can be very uncomfortable than you want they did the other person understands more about your individual life.
Where sensible Warning continues to be a great keyword examine info. Everybody knows horror tales about misunderstanding of yourself to the hazards and a different and shame it may produce. This is particularly true of individuals who achieved on the free internet dating site. It’d be uncommon when the site you utilize requests private information, but using good wise practice and not being too trusting about claims is unquestionably a wise process.